Hello, I'm Ken.

I've been an analyst since 2011, and I've spent the majority of that time as a consultant for Search Discovery.

To be honest I really don't enjoy blogging. But when I first began using the Google Analytics 4 beta in late 2019, I immediately recognized that my team at Search Discovery was going to have a difficult time transitioning clients to GA4 from the old version. To help make this easier I began documenting everything I had learned during my first implementation. Then, when the pandemic hit a few months later in early 2020, I found myself with some unexpected free time, and so I decided to take these notes that I had originally created for internal use and publish them to this blog.

I've been very humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response that this blog has received in the digital marketing industry. My objective has always been to provide Analysts with a resource for learning to use Google Analytics 4. I work very hard to keep this content updated as the products evolve, but please be understanding if you find items that are out of date.

If you have questions or concerns, the best way to reach me is by email or the Measure Slack. If I’m slow to respond it’s because one of the people pictured below is taking all my time.