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Last Update: 1st August 2010

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This is the personal site of Ken Williams. I use it just to share a few thoughts, ideas and opinions about the world of software specification, design and implementation in which I am fortunate enough to work. All the usual legal disclaimers apply: any code you download is supplied 'as is' and you use at your own risk; any opinions expressed on this site are my own and have nothing to do with my employers or anyone else.

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Software Design, Programming and Documentation

I am generally available for hire (hint), at reasonable daily rates, for any design, programming or technical documentation jobs - especially in the fields of database/web design and programming, search, optimisation and scientific computing, networking and GUI design/programming. I live in London.

I'm particularly geared up for distance-working, communicating via messenger-chat, email and web-sites.

My CV is on-line; feel free to email me on <> if you have any questions or propositions. References available on request.

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Email: <>
home page:


Jupyter Project github repository

A gallery of interesting IPython Notebooks.

A simple way to share IPython Notebooks.

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